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Steve Helinski, CFII

Steve joined the workforce at an early age, at a cement plant pouring concrete. Next, was the restaurant industry as a line cook, followed by delivering pizza’s while finishing up high school. After graduation, and still being unsure of what he wanted to do, he enrolled at Western Michigan University under their Aviation program, and 5 years later he graduated as a commercial pilot.

It was this industry where Steve discovered that every day and every moment offered a new experience, which only fueled his passion for aviation, where learning is infinite and possibilities are endless.

“Flying provides a great quality of life and a sense of freedom second to none. The adventurous type will find aviation very fulfilling.” 

Self-employed, Steve provides contract services for various organizations across the country. His experience covers many aspects of aviation, with his start in commercial airlines, followed by high performance flying in various aircraft such as an Extra 330, all the way to an A-T6 Warbird.

Once gaining enough tailwheel time, he became qualified to participate and fly 3 full seasons of Ag (Ariel application/crop dusting), which ultimately lead him to his goal where he is now currently working as a S.E.A.T (Single Engine Air Tanker) pilot for the annual fire season, as well as providing flight instruction during the off-season.

Steve understands that aviation offers a challenging, yet rewarding career experience that never fails to amaze. The life experiences you gain and people you meet are a constant reminder of its vast opportunities and the career accomplishments he is most proud of are the students and aspiring pilots whom he’s had the chance to influence and watch grow on their path in the world of aviation.