Acro Dynamics Course Descriptions

Courses are highly customizable. Call the Spin Doctors for your custom plan and pricing.


As a normal private pilot, I remember getting into an aerobatic airplane for the first time. I remember the confidence I had in its strength and integrity! That confidence is what aerobatics has to offer you! Few things can compare to the thrill and fun of aerobatics. Learning these basic skills can open up a whole new world of flying and give you the tools to push an aircraft closer to the edge than you ever have been! Being able to handle and recover unusual attitudes can also be a lifesaver out there in the real world.

Our basic precision aerobatics course includes loops, rolls, spins, hammerheads, and inverted flight. Once the course is complete you will have the ability to progressively link these maneuvers together into a sequence, much like you would see at a basic aerobatics competition. We recommend between 5-10 hours of flight and 3 hours of ground, but that depends on ones experience level.

Let’s get Rolling. Are you up to the Challenge?


Spins = Mythical maneuvers specifically designed to result in total destruction. We couldn’t disagree more. In our many years as Spin Doctors we’ve learned to enjoy them very much. With some practice and a bit of confidence you can enjoy them also.

Back in the olden days of aviation once pilots began to climb on top of the cloud deck they were instantly regretful of their decision because of the impending descent. Pilots were finding themselves in no gyro unusual attitudes and tearing airplanes apart. It quickly became a myth that one simply cannot fly through a cloud. Someone had the bright idea of spinning the airplane through the cloud thus the first instrument approach was born. Spins are inherently very stable creatures.

We believe you’ll find this course extremely educational and walk away enlightened by your new found confidence level. Expect to perform multiple entries from many different attitudes and energy levels. Our Certified Flight Instructor applicants will receive a bit of extra groundwork ensuring they can teach the material to their own students. Come spend a morning with the Spin Doctors for the cure.


The upset recovery course is designed with complete and total aircraft control in mind. Every pilot can benefit from seeing what gyroscopic forces and airflow patterns can do to an aircraft in an unusual attitude. We have designed a course that puts you in just that… the attitude that you have never seen, whether it be vertical, on the brink of a stall, or inverted 45° nose-down inches from redline.

Our intention is to enhance situational awareness and instruct you on recognition and recovery before that windshear or wake turbulence has a chance to ruin your day. The program puts special emphasis on wake turbulence incidents and accidents. After this, you can strap into a multitude of aircraft with the peace of mind that you have been there before.

We offer a money back fun guarantee on this one!


Ever wonder why the pilots of the Alaskan Bush or the Missionaries of the Congo are always dragging that little wheel around behind their airplanes? Since the conception of aviation the tailwheel airplane has been the preferred standard for one reason, operating from less than perfect airfields. It is that in which we take pride in the most at Acro Dynamics. My earliest experiences in aviation began on a patch of grass in the middle of a North Carolina soybean field coincidently boxed in by trees, crops and powerlines. Those airfields are a possibly gateway to a whole new network of air travel that you may not have even known about. These small turf airports have fly-ins, BBQs, camp outs and airshows in some of the neatest fashions you can imagine and are normally hospitable to visitors with open arms. It seems as though these airfields are engrained into the lifestyle of the “American Piper Cub Farmer” as i have coined it and are part of a social spiderweb that is very important to aviation.

As a tailwheel operator you start to notice that people have more confidence in your ability to handle these adverse runway environments and for good reason. Tailwheel airplanes simply require more skill to master. That ”rudder” thingy back there, with a little bit of training , will become your saving grace in many situations with all types of airplanes. YOU even begin to have more confidence in your own ability to fly the the airplane into short fields, grass strips, and airports with obstructions in more adverse weather conditions. In our Tailwheel Training Course we offer access to that network of grass fields you may have notice marked by a PVT on your sectionals. After a few short hops to larger grass airports we begin to seek out shorter fields with less than perfect features uphills, downhills, doglegs, one way in’s! Those real world scenarios in a taildragger make taking the family Skyhawk into a 1500 ft runway feel like a breeze. It is that skill we intend to teach you through the process of earning a tailwheel.

With that being said, Acro Dynamics is not your “pilot factory” source for a 1 day tailwheel endorsement. The course is generally 8 hour average but can range from 5 hr to 15 hr with different skill levels. We want you to have experienced a multitude of real world scenarios and feel as though you have accomplished more than just a tailwheel endorsement, you have been accepted into a brand new world of exciting destinations we call the “Stick and Rudder Club”. The Decathlon 8 kcab is a wonderful short field performer and all around fun machine for the mission. Once you have mastered turf then it is time to move you over to the pavement and don’t go believing everything you hear about tailwheel airplanes. They are not truly designed to send you careening out towards the median and hanging on for dear life. The Deke is fairly benign and the stability may impress you. Learn what you have been missing and sign up today.

Its more fun than you could ever imagine, Lets Go Drag Some Tail !!!