Acro Dynamics is your one stop shop for tailwheel and aerobatic training and is proud to say we are “making safe pilots safer”.


Acro Dynamics, LLC now offers a multitude of options in flight training fun. Our 8KCAB Bellanca Decathlon is the premiere aircraft for aerobatic training worldwide and offers stability and control for the beginner all the way up through expert classes of competition. Acro Dynamics is a leader in fun flying experiences ! Located at 14A Lake Norman Airpark in central North Carolina, the scenery is unmatched and the amenities are plentiful. Come fly with one of our seasoned instructors and experience the ride of a lifetime or a gentle cruise around the lake. See first hand the thrill of aerobatic flight and realize what you have been missing.

Acro Dynamics is your one stop shop for tailwheel and aerobatic training and is proud to say we are “making safe pilots safer”. Check out our course lineup and decide what program is right for you!! We offer spin, upset recovery, unusual attitude, basic/intermediate aerobatics, and tailwheel flight training. However, if you are not aspiring to be a pilot or sharpen your skills we have an option for you too, we offer a 1/2 hr or 1 hr ride along on the most exhilarating inside out, upside down, mind boggling thrill ride you can imagine. Take your entertainment experience into a totally new dimension and let your adventurous side take flight with Acro Dynamics.

Acro Dynamics is a family company that was established in July 09 between two brothers that only had dreams of keeping the tail dragging spirit and persona alive. Michael (Mikey) Matthews and his brother Casey are the proud owners of Acro Dynamics llc. Michael has lived a life practically immersed in aviation. Matthews knew early that flight was not just a choice in life but his destiny. The majority of his childhood aviation he was the byproduct of a military flying family. His father Rick is a retired CW4 Army Helicopter pilot having logged thousands of hours stateside and abroad in aircraft like the UH-1 Huey and Cobra. The first family aircraft was a 1952 Cessna 170B purchased when he was a boy and whether Matthews could reach the pedals or not was of no concern. The yoke was still accessible with a couple of pillows. Flying the network of grass strips in the NC area has given him some pretty concise views of do’s and don’ts when it comes to grass strip hopping. His experience began long before receiving his ticket.

He says his aviation career really started as a Piedmont Hawthorne Lineman at a local airport in Winston Salem NC (KINT) . After earning a CFI Certified Flight Instructor ticket in 2004 at NAIA in South Carolina he was united with some friends in Las Vegas and began instructing for West Air Aviation in the High Sierra Desert of Nevada. Mountain Flying and high altitude operations quickly educated him on the performance aspects of small aircraft. He also had a chance to instruct some of the USAF United States Air Force’s finest in the IFS and IFT Initial Flight Training programs while in Sin City. After gaining some professional aerobatic instruction he began to teach the art himself and has since logged time in a plethora of aerobatic aircraft such as the Pitts, Acro Sport/Duster, Swick T, Super Decathlon, Hiperbipe, Rans S 9 & 10, At-6 Texan and Stearman.

Matthews returned to his home state of North Carolina in 2006 and began working for a very fast group of individual that you may have heard of. Nascar Aviation is a corporate spiderweb of high end airplanes and near sonic travel. Dale Earnhardt Jr of JRM Motorsports employed Mikey to fly the EMB 120 Brasilia Turboprop in 2006 and his corporate career had begun. Going on for several years now he has been ingrained into several social networks of aviation nationwide and is motivated by the wealth of knowledge that these flying communities have to offer. He was most recently employed by the King of Speed, Mr Richard Petty and his son Kyle Petty to pilot the personal fleet. Type rated in the Israel Aircraft Westwind Jet and certified as a factory instructor in the Columbia 400, Matthews still moonlights with the racing family from time to time. In his spare time he continues to operate as a Corporate Contract pilot for multiple companies in various jets and turboprop aircraft.

Michael's latest venture has led him into the world of agriculture and aerial application. His tail wheel and aerobatic experience has earned him a seat with Crop Dusters Llc in Ireton Iowa flying both the Air Tractor 301 and Thrush Turbo 400. Matthews absolutely loves his part time schedule and the adrenaline of cruising the crop at 160 mph 15 ft over the landscape. The Ag season allows him much more free time to devote to Acro Dynamics.

Having now earned his ATP Airline Transport Ticket and his MEII Multi Engine Instructor he has logged over 5500 hours total time in 80 different airplanes and has given 1800 hours of dual instruction over a very prosperous career in aviation. Matthews says, “He is blessed to experience such a magical place as the sky and the chance to learn something new from every hour in the clouds and from each different aircraft, you know flight time is not deducted from ones lifespan” he proclaims. Maybe he is right but that knowledge and experience is what he arms himself with every time he straps into his 1978 Bellanca Decathlon CS. He expects your experience at Acro Dynamics to be a personal one and a friendship to be established throughout your training here at Acro. After all, one of the most important tools in life is learning the power of humble. Once you have been humbled then it tends to become a motivating factor. Matthews says, “He is constantly on the lookout for the next humbling experience on the inverted horizon”. Come experience what quality training is like at Acro Dynamics and let your adventurous side take flight !!! Whether it is the thrill of aerobatics or learning to fly a tailwheel airplane, Acro has just what you need to become a safer pilot. Drop by and take a flight, you may discover what you have been missing!! Blue skies.

INSTRUCTOR - RON HENRY is too a master instructor at Acro Dynamics and is also result of a military family. Ron learned to fly in 1965 while still in high school at Martinsville, Virginia. He went on to fly fighters for the USAF (F-4, A-10) and eventually th DC-9s for Northwest Airlines. Though currently retired, he flies part time instructing private, instrument, commercial and aerobatic pilot applicants. He has logged over 13500 hours in his time and seen alot of magnificent things.

Ron has been teaching the art of flight for twenty-two years, mostly for the United States Air Force in the Fairchild/Republic A-10A Warthog and Cessna O-2A Mixmaster. He is a graduate of the Air Force Fighter Weapons Instructor Course (the Air Force equivalent of the Navy’s notorious Top Gun School) and the Tactical Air Command Aircrew Instructor Training Course. It is that knowledge that he arms himself with every day. When Ron retired his reputation preceded him. Affectionately referred to as the "A-10 Professor" Ron left the Maryland ANG with more time in the Hog than any other human on the planet. Henry is an expert in energy management and tactical maneuvering. Ron is always willing to share a part of that with you. His teaching style is timeless and passionate. Chute up, kick the tires, and light the fires with Ret Lt Col Ron Henry !!!!!




So you think you can roll? Strap in and hang on because it gets a bit tougher from here. Our intermediate aerobatics course focuses on a more precise approach to what you learned in the Basic phase. Now we put the aircraft into some negative G conditions and sustained inverted flight. The course is tailored to each pilot and his/her objectives. At the completion of the program you will have demonstrated Cuban 8’s, Slow Rolls, Point Rolls, Immelmans, and Developed Spins. If you are craving the taste of aerobatics then we recommend signing up!

Normal time to completion is 5 hours of flight and 3 hours of ground. You will not be disappointed with the confidence and knowledge that intermediate acro can provide.

Saddle up and let’s get inverted!

Ever wonder why the pilots of the Alaskan Bush or the Missionaries of the Congo are always dragging that little wheel around behind their airplanes? Since the conception of aviation the tailwheel airplane has been the preferred standard for one reason, operating from less than perfect airfields. It is that in which we take pride in the most at Acro Dynamics. My earliest experiences in aviation began on a patch of grass in the middle of a North Carolina soybean field coincidently boxed in by trees, crops and powerlines. Those airfields are a possibly gateway to a whole new network of air travel that you may not have even known about. These small turf airports have fly-ins, BBQs, camp outs and airshows in some of the neatest fashions you can imagine and are normally hospitable to visitors with open arms. It seems as though these airfields are engrained into the lifestyle of the “American Piper Cub Farmer” as i have coined it and are part of a social spiderweb that is very important to aviation./p>

As a tailwheel operator you start to notice that people have more confidence in your ability to handle these adverse runway environments and for good reason. Tailwheel airplanes simply require more skill to master. That ”rudder” thingy back there, with a little bit of training , will become your saving grace in many situations with all types of airplanes. YOU even begin to have more confidence in your own ability to fly the the airplane into short fields, grass strips, and airports with obstructions in more adverse weather conditions. In our Tailwheel Training Course we offer access to that network of grass fields you may have notice marked by a PVT on your sectionals. After a few short hops to larger grass airports we begin to seek out shorter fields with less than perfect features uphills, downhills, doglegs, one way in’s! Those real world scenarios in a taildragger make taking the family Skyhawk into a 1500 ft runway feel like a breeze. It is that skill we intend to teach you through the process of earning a tailwheel.

With that being said, Acro Dynamics is not your “pilot factory” source for a 1 day tailwheel endorsement. The course is generally 8 hour average but can range from 5 hr to 15 hr with different skill levels. We want you to have experienced a multitude of real world scenarios and feel as though you have accomplished more than just a tailwheel endorsement, you have been accepted into a brand new world of exciting destinations we call the “Stick and Rudder Club”. The Decathlon 8 kcab is a wonderful short field performer and all around fun machine for the mission. Once you have mastered turf then it is time to move you over to the pavement and don’t go believing everything you hear about tailwheel airplanes. They are not truly designed to send you careening out towards the median and hanging on for dear life. The Deke is fairly benign and the stability may impress you. Learn what you have been missing and sign up today.

Its more fun than you could ever imagine, Lets Go Drag Some Tail !!!

The upset recovery course is designed with complete and total aircraft control in mind. Every pilot can benefit from seeing what gyroscopic forces and airflow patterns can do to an aircraft in an unusual attitude. We have designed a course that puts you in just that… the attitude that you have never seen, whether it be vertical, on the brink of a stall, or inverted 45° nose-down inches from redline.

Our intention is to enhance situational awareness and instruct you on recognition and recovery before that windshear or wake turbulence has a chance to ruin your day. The program puts special emphasis on wake turbulence incidents and accidents. After this, you can strap into a multitude of aircraft with the peace of mind that you have been there before.

We offer a money back fun guarantee on this one!

As a normal private pilot, I remember getting into an aerobatic airplane for the first time. I remember the confidence I had in its strength and integrity! That confidence is what aerobatics has to offer you! Few things can compare to the thrill and fun of aerobatics. Learning these basic skills can open up a whole new world of flying and give you the tools to push an aircraft closer to the edge than you ever have been! Being able to handle and recover unusual attitudes can also be a lifesaver out there in the real world.

Our basic precision aerobatics course includes loops, rolls, spins, hammerheads, and inverted flight. Once the course is complete you will have the ability to progressively link these maneuvers together into a sequence, much like you would see at a basic aerobatics competition. We recommend between 5-10 hours of flight and 3 hours of ground, but that depends on ones experience level.

Let’s get Rolling. Are you up to the Challenge?

Acro Dynamics is located in Mooresville NC better known as Lake Norman on the north side of the Charlotte class bravo. If we are too far away for a group to come see us then we may just come visit you!!! Group rates are available for ground school and flight time in the Decathlon on a subject of your choosing!

Spin,Upset Recovery, and Basic Aerobatic Clinics now happen in your own back yard or training area which allows for an increased student comfort zone. A 2 day weekend is typically but not limited to 4 students per day, 1 hour group ground school, and 1 hour of flight time a piece. It’s a great way to knock out CFI spin endorsements or just offer some “Above and Beyond” training for the staff or students!

It may just be cheaper than you think!!